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Buy 2C-B online In Shulgin’s PiHKAL book, and the dosage range is listed between 12 and 24 mg. 2C-B is sold as a bk-2c-b white powder, sometimes compressed into tablets or gel caps as a recreational drug. [2] Various street names also know it.



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Buy 2C-B Pills online A psychedelic drug structurally related to 2C-B and BOB and is sold online as a designer drug. The drug 2C-B 35mg Pills is a sophisticated psychoactive substance discovered by biochemist and psychopharmacologist Alexander “Sasha” Shulgin in 1974. Shulgin is the “godfather of ecstasy,” and more than 200 psychedelic 2c-b-fly buy online compounds are legally synthesized in a musty laboratory. The Gulf area is known as the “farm.” Serving as his guinea pig, he tested all of these compounds on himself, and if he thought they were 2c b fly buy online safe and probably valuable, he invited his wife, Ann Shulgin, and the “research group” of the. Buy Pharmacom Proviron online. 2C-B Pills for sale and Purchase 2C-B Pills online

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Pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, and nausea, sweating, and dizziness may occur. Some users also report stomach and intestinal discomfort, with occasional mild allergic reactions (cough due to increased mucus production).

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